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2 May


Pfffiu. It’s the first day in which I get to breath. The last week has been packed from all sides: I got to act in a commercial for Chio with Skizzo and Sergiu (and I’m so excited about Chio with #steakwithredwine), filmed a wonderful video for Ruby ( that indian style tho ❤) and also started Romania’s Got Talent (coordinating the project ain’t that much fun, but yet such wow :)) ). All in all, plus a great campain for Naveen and I can shoutout: KO! :))

But, as long as I can not interrupt our virtual connection, I decided that, in the first morning that I get to drink quitely my chai tea latte, I will write about my beautiful colab with my designer friend Ariana.

I met Ariana 6 years ago when we were both at puberty:))). We had our fun days and our chill days, shuffeling magazines by her poolside. Our roads got separated along with our different choices regarding the future. But let me tell you more about Ariana : she is a fashion designer, nonconformist and unpredictable. The talent and work power reflects perfectly upon her creations that wear her signature. Her story stars when we were still kids, playing with clothing material from her mothers’s shop, and 15 years later she graduated the School of fashion from Barcelona. For short, she has an BA Fashion Design in the European Design Institute (EDI), sponsored by Westminster University from London.

In her perception, ” the first public collection is based on irony. Sometimes, the best and the worst things in life can resemble. It’s a talent of the soul, to discover the joy of pain. Life is too ironic to be fully understood. You will discover, in the collection, Ready-to-Wear pieces that fit in any category of consumers. There are aparently simple pieces, with a pinch or two of crazy.”

After many years, our friend, Sandra, thought of the perfect timing for us to reunite, considering that I have a blog and that Ariana just launched her first personal clothing collection: Naveen. Therefore, we  built the foundation for our new colab.


As every collaboration transforms itself in a great challenge of creativity for me and Alex, we said we’ll dream about the concept in which we were going to present the clothes. It has to be something dreamy…

Said and done, because “I dream big” almost every night, the next morning I came up with the ideea. I dreamt about being in Disneyland, Paris, where I went on a rollercoaster of memories “that just blew my mind”.  It’s all I needed to convince myself that this good ideea had to become real. Plus, seriously now… Who doesn’t like fairytales?

As long as we don’t live in Paris ( unfortunately ), I went walking with Alex through Tineretului Park, hoping to find something familiar to my dream. And surprise, we found a wonderful carousel, it seemed almost lost in time.

in the shooting day, I ran to Paula Călin (my makeup fairy) to complete the styling picture I had in my mind.

My anti hairstyling skills are well known, but this time, the planets aligned and I was lucky to pull out a parizian hairdue, exactly as I hoped for. Very nervous ( yes, I loose myself throughout my feeling with every project I put heart in) and with my arms full of Ariana’s clothes, I went on a sunny day of spring to make come true my shooting ideea.

The outcome left me speechless. I’m totally in love with the fairytale like photos that Alex made. It’s like he sees perfectly into my thoughts and illustrates it. We certainly make a good team!

You guys have the last saying, so I want to hear your opinions!

And of course, if one of the pieces catches your eye ( the black one piece stole my heart with it simplicity, but I’m not pointing out fingers :)) ) you can access NAVEEN to build up your collection of fairytales in your wardrobe.

I let you wander in my imagination. Kisses and hugs!!!

Photography : Alexandru Chitu
Concept : Raluca Netca
Makeup : Paula Calin
Styling : NAVEEN
Editor : Andreea Neagu

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