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12 Mar

Marshmallow Advice – Wind of Change

It happened to me several times, to look at myself in the mirror and not find my real self. Not as in going into a depression but, because the “package” didn’t show the truth I feel.

I’m a change maker. I think that, because i feel good in my skin, I have to redefine myself constantly, surprise and shock myself…. To overcome all my barriers.


From the nails, make-up, hair and clothes to the books and new articles I read, everything means CHANGE. The new ideas that imprint in my mind and even the new haircut, are things that help me evolve.

Two years ago, when I made a dramatic change of look (from long hair with extensions to a super stylish bob), I was so restless. When I went to Manifest Hair Studio and made eye contact with my wonderful Ștefan Ungureanu( my hairstylist), he took the bowl of sweets( there were the caramels of my childhood -Tootsie Rolls) and put it in my arms so that i would chillout. Well, it worked, and the result was WOW. Love at first ” highlight”.

I met Stefi, for the first time, at the shooting of ” Spre mare”- Inna’s Romanian video. I was skeptical at first. All the people who know me, know that I get panicked when it comes to my hair or make-up.

Sometimes I laugh upon this ideea. When God made me, he was generous. He gave me a beautiful body, an acceptable face, lips that I like, a quick mind and an even quicker tongue. BUT, when He got to the hair, He put it last in line, to the last hair from the unfortunate series and threw it on my head. Thank God he threw Stefan on my way. You rock! :))



For two weeks or even more, I stressed him everyday with wanting something new, a new hair color or just to put in some hair “fertilizer”, like with flowers, maybe it helps my hair grow more:)).I don’t know!

Two days ago, I went to the salon. I’m almost new. It helps me, when I meet another version of myself. For that and for my future crazy ideeas, Stefi, I thank you. You’re my wind of change! 😀

It couldn’t get even better than this, my dear friend and photographer, Elena Cornilă, just moved the photo studio to another location, along with the softbox, the backgrounds and the colored filters, in her new Sync Studio. I feel exactly like home. It’s so cozy! ( I think, it’s because it is filled with all my friend’s smiles!)

I shoot some photos with Alex, some playful some more serious ( he nags me all the time for not concentrating enough :)) ) and this is the result!

I’ve been looking at the photos for two days. It seems like it’s someone else, not me.

As a conclusion, my advice is: reinvent yourself! Change something about yourself every time you get the chance or whener you think that “the package ” doesn’t suite you anymore. Start with small changes, inside out, until you get to the point you desire, and then, make anither change. It will help you, know yourself better and help you value yourself better.

How do you feel, when it comes to making some changes? Do you have what it takes to make some?

Embrace your inner weirdo my friend!

Hugs and unicorns!


Photography Alexandru Chițu

Styling: Constantin Popoiu

Editor : Andreea Neagu

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