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12 Mar

Cupid INKed Me On Your Skin

What would you compare your love with?!

The legendary but tragic romance of Romeo and Juliet? The long lasting love of penguins? ( they say that when a penguin loses its partner, it never looks for another ever again); with the wonderful fairytale of Cinderella?

Oh well, I would compare my love with something more dirty, like deep dirty.. INK.

I bet you are wondering why… Why INK?

Well, because it sticks to you …FOR LIFE. Once it gets inside your skin, the life lasting process of identifying with yourself steps into place. You become one with each and every one of your tattoos at a time. It pairs up with your DNA, you feel it in every cell…just like LOVE .

Love gets into your skin, leaving behind a mark (a hidden but deep one and most of all – everlasting), while a tattoo is a visible mark on your skin but just as deep . The most common feature of these two is the story behind it all. Each love is defined by a wonderful and exciting story, as well as a tattoo.

 Remember the time you got your first tattoo? Remember your first love?

  The memories of having your first tattoo/relationship are still there. The fear you had, and still have with every tattoo, with every start of a new love, the excitement, are exactly the same, as well as the goosebumps. And furthermore, you get addicted.. INK addicted, LOVE addicted. You won’t stop at one tattoo, not even think about stopping at one love… And why should we?! We have this life to live to the fullest, why waste it and not enjoy being inked as many times as we want, why stop not loving in every possible way we can.

 Believe it or not, I would ink my love all over my skin anyday.

Ps: Due to Valentine’s Day being an American tradition, I chose to write the article in english. Hope you enjoyed it! Now grab your lover and have a pasionate Valentine’s Day! <3

Photography : Elena Cornilă

Edit : Alexandru Chițu

Text Editor : Neagu Andreea

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